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Individual Assessment

Lab 1 - What Cell Biology Journals allow reuse of acknowledged and correctly cited content?

Lab 2 - What are the "light" regions of DNA within the nucleus called?

Lab 3 - How do we know the hazards associated with research chemicals?

Lab 4 - Identify a commercially available antibody to an adhesion junction protein, and also add a link to the antibody page on your own student page.

Lab 5 - Complete the knockout methods handout given out in the laboratory.

Lab 6 - Comment on (a) any differences that you may see in the phenotpye of tropomyosin 4 (Tm4) overexpressing and control B35 cells and (b) explain how potential changes in the phenotype may result from the overexpression of tropomyosin 4.

Lab 7 - From today's confocal tutorial, identify an advantage to using each of the following objectives: Air, Water or Oil.

Lab 8 - Your assessment item is to critically review all other group projects. Use the Group Assessment Criteria as discussed in the lab. Record your peer assessments on each group talk page, with your signature. Add the project title and a brief comment to your own page.

--Mark Hill 04:33, 6 May 2010 (UTC) No group members should edit their own projects until the peer assessment process has been completed in next week's lab.

Lab 9 - Microarray Lab: What is the technological bottleneck common to all next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms?

Lab 12 - Stem cell analysis and online CATEI.

one more thing .....

2010 Questionnaire

This does not form part of your individual assessment, but I would very much appreciate constructive feedback on the current course. If you have time, could you provide some answers to the following questions in the 2010 Questionnaire.


I have changed your link pages below, so that it matches the login page at the top of the screen. Please transfer your answer to lab 1 to that page.

Group 1

Group 1 Project - Fluorescent-PCR | User:Z3162393 | User:Z3178608 | User:Z3187043

Group 2

Group 2 Project - RNA Interference | User:Z3188856 | User:Z3213957 | User:Z3216273

Group 3

Group 3 Project- Immunohistochemistry | User:Z3217043 | User:Z3218146 | User:Z3219308

Group 4

Group 4 Project - Cell Culture | User:Z3220040 | User:Z3252005 | User:Z3252231

Group 5

Group 5 Project - Electron Microsopy | User:Z3252261 | User:Z3252340 | User:Z3252833

Group 6

Group 6 Project - Confocal Microscopy | User:Z3253199 | User:Z3254509 | User:Z3254641

Group 7

Group 7 Project - Monoclonal Antibodies | User:Z3254857 | User:Z3254900 | User:Z3255926

Group 8

Group 8 Project - Microarray | User:Z3256270 | User:Z3256316 | User:Z3269335

Group 9

Group 9 Project - Fluorescent Proteins | User:Z3254934 | User:Z3329502 | User:Z3187802

Group 10

Group 10 Project - Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer | User:Z3256682 | User:Z3251370 | User:Z3126328

Honours Projects

2010 Course Content

Lectures: Cell Biology Introduction | Cells Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes | Cell Membranes and Compartments | Cell Nucleus | Cell Export - Exocytosis | Cell Import - Endocytosis | Cell Mitochondria | Cell Junctions | Cytoskeleton Introduction | Cytoskeleton 1 Intermediate Filaments | Cytoskeleton 2 Microtubules | Cytoskeleton 3 Microfilaments | Extracellular Matrix 1 | Extracellular Matrix 2 | Cell Cycle | Cell Division | Cell Death 1 | Cell Death 2 | Signal 1 | Signal 2 | Stem Cells 1 | Stem Cells 2 | Development | Revision

Laboratories: Introduction to Lab | Microscopy Methods | Preparation/Fixation | Immunochemistry | Cell Knockout Methods | Cytoskeleton Exercise | Confocal Microscopy | Microarray Visit | Tissue Culture 1 | Tissue Culture 2 | Stem Cells Lab | Stem Cells Analysis

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