2010 Questionnaire

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This does not form part of your individual assessment, but I would very much appreciate constructive feedback on the current course. If you have time, could you provide some answers the following questions. I will not be identifying specific student contributions to this page. Simply add your response under the question and any additional comment you would like to make that relates to the question.

You can use the usual: Strongly Agree | Mildly Agree | Agree | Mildly Disagree | Strongly Disagree

I would though prefer something more substantial in response, do not alter other student's contributions.

Question 1 - The course covered most of the topics that I thought would be part of Cell Biology

Agree - Would like lecture content to cover the different cell biology techniques and their clinical implications.

Agree - I had no real formed notions as to what a cell biology course should cover so i was pleased with the content that was presented

Question 2 - I found the online lecture notes useful in my study

Strongly agree - Lectures are succinct and available anytime.

Agree - the availablity of the notes was highly useful and handy for revision

Question 3 - I found the ilecture audio useful in my study

Strongly Agree - Excellent revision tool.

Agree - ilecture is very helpful especially when you don't quite catch what the lecturer has said, you can go back and review their lecture

Question 4 - The lecturers in this course provided interesting and clear lectures

Strongly Agree - Dr. Hill simplified the lectures for easier understanding. Guest lecturers and lab demonstrators gave us an insight into their specific field of research.

Strongly agree - all lecturers in this course where interesting and gave a clear understanding of their specific topics to students. they were able to answer any questions posed by students in a clear and comprehensive manner

Question 5 - The assessment methods are useful learning experiences

Strongly Agree - The assessment methods for this course are excellent for supplementing group and individual learning. Importantly, there are not too many assessments, encouraging quality rather than quantity.

Agree - the assessments in this course were relevant to the course and provided students with the opportunity to develop group and individual learning skills

Question 6 - I prefer an online group project to an equivalent group poster/written project

Strongly Agree - Allows for a combined team effort at the convinience of each group member.

Strongly agree - gave students the opportunity to work in a group environment and it also engaged the use of modern technology, through the use of the development of a wiki page, which made it different to the rest of the group projects i have experienced.

Question 7 - I would use an online Wiki page for my course notes if available

Strongly Agree - Lectures available anytime.

Agree - it was extremely helpful and easier to access then logging into blackboard

Any general comments about the course?

-Terrific course, excellent assessment format, incorporates team work with individual study well. To improve the course, revision lectures with previous exam questions would be good. Thanx Dr. Hill.