2010 Lab 12

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Here are the Slides covered during this Laboratory Class.

Introduction to Flow Cytometry

Honours Projects (2011) Information

Current research projects being undertaken at the Neuromuscular & Regenerative Medicine Unit (part of Cellular & Genetic Medicine Unit) at the School of Medical Sciences on unraveling signaling mechanisms for Adult Stem Cell Activation and Recruitment were introduced during Stem Cells Lecture 2.

If you are interested in learning about the potential Honours Projects offered in 2011 on Stem Cell Engineering & Biology, please contact Dr Antonio Lee on antonio.lee@unsw.edu.au.

Other Honours Projects offered in Cell Biology Research Area hosted by Cellular & Genetic Medicine Unit at the School of Medical Sciences include:

Targeting actin cytoskeleton to treat Type II diabetes and obesity (Information PDF): please contact Dr Anthony Kee on a.kee@unsw.edu.au.

Actin cytoskeleton-specific cancer therapeutics target validation (Information PDF): please contact Dr Galina Schevzov on g.schevzov@unsw.edu.au.

Anti-actin cancer drug development (Information PDF): please contact Dr Justine Stehn on j.stehn@unsw.edu.au.