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ANAT3231 Lecture 11 Signalling


This lecture is an introduction to cell signaling. The lecture slides and textbook alone contain enough information as an introduction to the subject for this level of study. If you are interested in further reading, I have also included below links to more detailed textbooks with further information and images. Please note this additional information is not necessarily examinable, but may be useful if you have not previously studied biology. The link below to lecture slides allows you to open and view the slides in your web browser or download the PDF document for later viewing/printing.


Understand main types of signaling mechanisms

Understand concept of receptor and ligand

Understand membrane, cytoplasmic and nuclear receptors

Brief understanding protein growth factor pathway

Brief understanding of steroid hormone pathway

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2005 Lecture 11 Cell Signal 1
2005 Lecture Series

Lecture Slides

Link to lecture slides allows you to open and view the slides in your web browser or download the PDF document for later viewing/printing.

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Molecular Biology of the Cell

Molecular Cell Biology

Developmental Biology

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Histology and Cell Biology (Kierszenbaum): Chapter 3. Cell Signaling

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The Online Mendelian Inheritence in Man (OMIM) database contains molecular references. The list below represents only a selected few of the entries, to see all related entries use the search feature below. OMIM Database

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receptors, plasma membrane, tyrosine kinase, steroid receptor, transcription factors, kinase cascade, hormones, protein growth factors, cAMP, cGMP

Lecture Slide Text

Note that the text without the slide context and associated images may not make sense and is insufficient to understand all key issues.