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ANAT3231 Lecture 02 Cell Compartments


A major difference between eukayotes and prokaryotes is the presence of physical compartments (membrane bound) within the cell. These compartments allow the separation/specialization of processes within the cell.

There also exist within each of these physical compartments, functional compartments where specific processes may occur or are restricted too.

This lecture is an introduction to compartments within the cell and membranes. The key components are: cell compartments, membrane structure, membrane models, membrane specializations. The lecture slides and textbook alone contain enough information as an introduction to the subject for this level of study. If you are interested in further reading, I have also included below links to more detailed textbooks with further information and images. Please note this additional information is not necessarily examinable, but may be useful if you have not previously studied biology. The link below to lecture slides allows you to open and view the slides in your web browser or download the PDF document for later viewing/printing.

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Understand the structural difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes

Understand the concept of separate intracellular spaces

Understand the structure of membranes

Brief understanding of history of membrane models

Understand the difference between physical and functional compartments

Understanding of the types of transport across membranes

Lecture Slides

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Lecture Audio

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NLM Online Textbooks

Molecular Biology of the Cell

NCBI MBoC | Publisher (Garland) MBoC
The Compartmentalization of Cells
Image: Hypothetical schemes for the evolutionary origins of some membrane-enclosed organelles
Image: The major intracellular compartments of an animal cell.
Image: Topological relationships between compartments in a eucaryotic cell
Image: 3 views of plasma membrane
Table: Relative Amounts of Membrane Types in Two Types of Eucaryotic Cells
The Cells of the Vertebrate Body Exhibit More Than 200 Different Modes of Specialization
Search Links: Plasma Membrane (357 items)

Molecular Cell Biology

NCBI MCB | Publisher (Freeman) MCB

The Cell- A Molecular Approach

NCBI The Cell | Publisher (Sinauer) The Cell

Search Links: Plasma Membrane | cell membrane | cell compartment | cholesterol

Web Links

The Virtual Library of Biochemistry,Moleculer Biology and Cell Biology

Online References

Lipid Rafts

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Lipid Rafts References
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Synaptic Vesicle Biogenesis Annu. Rev. Cell. Dev. Biol. 1999, Vol. 15: 733-798

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