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Welcome to Cell Biology!

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This site is designed to help your understand basic concepts in Cell Biology.


Cell Biology is a relatively new Science topic which looks at the biological world with the "Cell" as our core concept. It blends topics such as genetics, biochemistry, histology and development together. Our knowledge of Cell Biology is very dynamic, rapidly changing with new discoveries, therefore some of the information this site may already be out of date.

There are many different ways in which you can explore Cell Biology on this site. The links below will take you to a various starting points. The entire site is available on CD and is for Educational purposes only.


Medicine - University undergraduate level topic coverage with clinical considerations.


Science - University undergraduate level topic coverage.

Cell Biology Laboratory

Cell Biology Research Laboratory - Homepage giving a brief discription the Lab (under development).

Project Design

About - Describes how the project website was designed as part of a UNSW ITET Fellowship.


Structured map of the topic by cell components (under development).


A general introduction with simplified topics, designed for highschool level of the subject with links to more detailed descriptions.

Where to Next

Science- These units with Lectures and Laboratories from the 2005/2006 course
Medicine - This is an active module being currently updated with content
Science- These units with content from the 2004 course
About- Describes how the Project Website was designed
Methods - brief discription of some methods used in our Lab and cell biology
Cell Biology Lab - a brief discription the Lab (under development)
History - timeline of key discoveries (under development)
Glossary - list of terms and acronyms
Links - list of key internet links
Library- list of resource, including online textbooks, used in generating information on this site.
Questions- start with a question about Cell Biology. Problems- start with a problem in Cell Biology.